Helping individual’s special dreams and wishes come true. Focused, individual efforts result in a more personal relationship with persons facing challenges in their lives. We strive to celebrate the lives of those individuals in a way that is appropriate for that person.

Loyal Harley Rider

What started out as a scenic drive turned into a simple wish. I would like to introduce John. He used to ride Harley's and has a great passion for them and the outdoors. On our drive we passed a Harley shop, John's eyes lit up.  We made a special [...]

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Barb has been at the Landings of Genesee Valley for almost a year. She lived in Lapeer for many years prior. While at the Landings, she often talked about a friend she dearly missed. They used to frequently have lunch at a restaurant called The Blind Fish.  After some [...]

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A Centennial Celebration for Minnie!

We enjoyed celebrating Miss Minnie's 100th birthday with her and her family. She's a God-fearing, church-going woman so we got a beautiful church hat for her which she loved. Staff and family celebrated her with a cake, a volunteer from church who sang for her, as well as her [...]

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Photography 101

Larry and Bill found a common interest after sharing some history with each other, both loved photography as a hobby during their life.  One of our Life Enrichment coordinators was a combat photographer for the Marines.  Through learning of their common interest, the 3 developed a bond.  We decided [...]

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Perfect Score

A Simple Wish was granted for this wonderful woman, Dee. She had been talking about how she bowled a 300 game and received $300 for doing so. She wondered if it was still possible for her to bowl and bowl she did!  107???? Way to go Dee! She was [...]

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Spreading Joy

We are so blessed to celebrate the birthday of a very special resident. He goes out if his way to make every person he meets feel special, so we wanted to show him how special he is to us at Golden Orchards. ???? [...]

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Publishing a Poem

It's a great day when we are able to grant a wish for one of our residents.  For years, Lisa wished for a poem of hers to one day be in the newspaper.  Thanks to some creative fundraising and the help of the Grand Rapids Times, we were able [...]

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Goat Yoga

Sam is a resident at Bellbrook and attends the Tuesday afternoon Yoga class faithfully.  One day Sam approached the instructor and asked her to watch this crazy video about Goat Yoga.  He told the instructor, "I have to try this once before I leave this earth!"  So we honored [...]

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Wine anyone?

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that mean the most. On February 5th, Vito celebrated his birthday at the Shepherd Bar and Restaurant with some of his closest family members and friends. He was known by first name here, and wished to celebrate his birthday with wine and [...]

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Wish #5: Pizza and Company

What an amazing afternoon. Howard has always wanted to go and see my property out in Lake Station. We talk about it often and he knows the area well. One must-have was Matt our maintenance director; Howard and Matt are buds. We finally made his wish come true. We talked [...]

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Wish #4: Back to the Planes

Lois grew up around planes, her family had them right in their back yard. Throughout her life her dad was known in the area as a pilot that defied odds and sometimes rules. Lois used to go on flights with her dad. She even took courses to get her [...]

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Wish #3: Family Lunch

We have a resident who has up and down days and you never know how she is going to react to plans and ideas. We went to her daughter for help on her simple wish, because everything that we came up with would have been too much for her. We [...]

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Wish #1: Dog Gone Cute!

We have 2 residents who do everything together and are the best of friends. It only seemed fitting that their wish was together if possible. They both love 2 common interest children and dogs. Chelsea knows a family that breeds a few different types of dogs and it seemed [...]

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Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day isn’t just for mothers.  It’s for anyone who has, in some way, positively impacted the life of a child.  At Villages of Westland, that includes everyone! The CareSync Solutions enhanced living staff at Villages of Westland recognized all these amazing women with a beautiful Mother’s Day tea.  Eighteen [...]

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Happy 100th Birthday Karl

On May 1st, 2016, Karl Senft, a resident at Sanctuary at Bellbrook in Rochester Hills, turned 100 years old.  Karl was born in Floss, Germany and moved to the US in 1956.  He and his wife had one son and two grandchildren. Karl has resided at Bellbrook for 14 years.  [...]

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Happy 74th Anniversary

  Goldie and Stanley Carnes celebrated their 74thwedding anniversary surrounded by family and friends at Ashford Court in Westland, where they’ve lived for the past year.  The Homestead staff and Life Enrichment team decided to pull out all the stops to give them a party to remember.  As many as [...]

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A MAN AND HIS DOGMr. Gretsinger is an 88 year old resident at Henry Ford Village in Dearborn, who hasn't seen his beloved dog, Robbie, in two years.  Robbie was given to a friend of Mr. Gretsingers who lived almost two hours away.  Mr. Gretsinger receives home care and Life [...]

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“Instead of asking yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do that.

Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

– Howard Thurman

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