We have 2 residents who do everything together and are the best of friends. It only seemed fitting that their wish was together if possible. They both love 2 common interest children and dogs. Chelsea knows a family that breeds a few different types of dogs and it seemed like the perfect first wish. We got with the family to see how they felt and if they could accommodate the wish. They agreed with no hesitation and we picked a date. Then we got ahold of the resident’s families and told them our plan, they were thrilled and agreed that the two ladies should be together.

On the day of the trip we told the ladies that we were going to see some dogs. Neither had any idea of all the puppy kisses and cuddles they were about to get. The day was PERFECT, our faces hurt from all the smiling. Both ladies got to hold, kiss, and love on the dogs. We held golden doodle puppies, dachshunds, golden retriever puppies, and a king Charles caviler spaniel. It was the best day and they smiled all the way back home.