What an amazing afternoon. Howard has always wanted to go and see my property out in Lake Station. We talk about it often and he knows the area well. One must-have was Matt our maintenance director; Howard and Matt are buds. We finally made his wish come true. We talked to JBC Golf Carts and they loaned us a 4-seater golf cart for the afternoon! We left around 11:30 on a beautiful, sunny and warm fall day. We took the back roads through Beal City where Howard grew up as he told us about all the different farms and properties around and who owned them. We picked up Pohl’s Pizza which is a weekly family tradition in my home and it just so happens to be owned by Howard’s nephew. We had to rough the dirt roads in the bus but we made it and we also passed where Howard used to hunt for years just down the road from my house. We enjoyed our pizza at an outside table and then took a ride on the golf cart around the property with beautify fall colors around us. After we saw the property we had homemade apple pie and coffee and just talked for another hour and a half. With Howard it wasn’t so much what we did, but the time we spent with no rush to get back. It was a great experience. He said, “Now I can see it in my head when you talk about it.”

To top off Howards special day that night his son Tim got an 8 point buck. Tim and Larry brought the deer to show Deloris and Howard the next morning and it was a hot topic around the building as all admired the deer.