We have a resident who has up and down days and you never know how she is going to react to plans and ideas. We went to her daughter for help on her simple wish, because everything that we came up with would have been too much for her. We tossed around her love for the outdoors and gardens, with visits to many different places. Than one day her daughter came to us and said she knew exactly what to do. Our resident and her family used to own a restaurant in Carson City that her son now owned and she loved the food. So we started a plan on how to get her there to have a meal with her kids. Then one day her daughter came to us and said she wanted to invite all of her mom’s siblings for lunch along with her children.

A few days prior to the day her daughter kept saying “are you sure she’s going to go”, “do you think she’s going to be in a good mood” “what if she says no”. Every time we just kept up the reassurance that it was going to be fine and she was going to make it there. The morning of her big day she was in the best mood, she smiled, she joked, and she laughed. Her daughter came in to get her ready and was all smiles and so excited that her mom was “going to be nice” to everyone about the surprise. Megan describes lunch as tears, laughs, smiles, and nothing but perfect. Family brought photo albums and each sibling was prepared with a past memory they had with Johanne. Family came one by one to sit with the family and share their memories.