This way the first wish to not go as planned at the very last minute. We have a resident who loves music and it really helps calm her down and put a smile on her face. Our thought was to go to the last music in the park in Clare while the weather was still nice and enjoy it with her family. We looked multiple times at the schedule on the internet for a date and type of music, deciding that the last day was the best fit. We planned it out with her family to meet at the park and then we would walk to Cops and Doughnuts and get her a treat. Her kids loved the idea and her daughter planned to ride the bus with her.

On our way to Clare with the bus, Megan called upon her arrival and said the park was empty and there was no music. We went into pure panic mode, while her daughter in the back of the bus made 3 phone calls as calm as a cucumber. Megan frantically called friends and old co-workers to see what else was close and happening to Clare to do. The family on the other hand said don’t you worry at all, we are going to Cops and Doughnuts to visit.

The little mistake was never worried about by the family and the wish turned out better than we could have planned. The family and resident enjoyed their doughnuts and got to visit and enjoy each other. Once again faces full of smiles.