Lois grew up around planes, her family had them right in their back yard. Throughout her life her dad was known in the area as a pilot that defied odds and sometimes rules. Lois used to go on flights with her dad. She even took courses to get her license and was just a few hours short of receiving it. We called a local pilot and he pointed us in the direction of the chapter out at the Mt. Pleasant airport. Maggie was wonderful and helped work around Lois’ daughters schedules as well as ours so that we could go at a good time for everyone. Leading up to the event the daughters only knew her wish included planes, we took one little thing they told us and ran with it. The day came for us to reveal our surprise to Lois, Rhonda, and Brenda. We all meet at Culvers for dinner, one of Lois’ favorite fast food places, we than a boarded the bus to head for the airport. On the way we kept telling the ladies that we were headed to see buffalo and they wouldn’t believe us. As we arrived to the airport and got to watch Lois face light up with pure joy over the sights of the airport and what we were about to embark on. We got to have a tour of two different hangers at the airport and got to see different planes. A few of the planes were the same type that Lois had flown with her dad. When we got back to Prestige Centre Lois told us that her heart was just a pounding with all the memories that had come back to her.

A few weeks later the family contacted a family friend and Lois got to complete her wish to the max. Lois and her daughters went to the airport on a Sunday afternoon and Lois and Rhonda got to fly. Lois’ daughters describe the day as absolutely perfect and amazing that she got to do what she loved once again.